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The Cost of Life 
By:  Sherry Maybry

Wilkes Circles of Care is sponsoring a program at North Wilkes High School called 3R Rules.  The program guides students through the process of building and using school, community, and financial resources to create rewarding futures and sustainable communities where everyone can live well. More resources equal more choices.  The program is designed to help instructors document the facts and realities of poverty, and its impact on our students. 

I am Sherry Mabry, the 3R Rules facilitator, and I am working with several students at North Wilkes High who have found themselves in the alternative learning class.  I work with them once a week.   The 3 R Rules  program seems to be meeting the needs of many of these students.  The students have been very receptive to the many topics covered by this course. Many of the problems these students face stem from growing up in poverty.  The 3 R program emphasizes the importance of job skills, education, and knowledge of the community resources that are available to them and their families.   Some of the community resources I have introduced are the SAFE shelter for abused children and adults, Child Abuse Prevention Team, Red Cross, and food distribution centers.   I have discovered these students have an interest in budgeting which led to establishing SMART GOALS.  

I must say that I am truly enjoying these students and their enthusiasm for learning some important life skills.  My discussions with these students always involve choices made as opposed the one not chosen.  Our choices cost us financially, emotionally, socially, and spiritually.  To sum up in a nutshell I would say we discuss the “Cost of Life.”

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