Wilkes Circles of Care™ is a collaborative effort between adults committed to getting out of poverty and community members who are willing to help them.


Wilkes Circles of Care™ is committed to the elimination of poverty in Wilkes County. By establishing various groups of circles, members of the community can bring about the necessary change to move citizens past an impoverished environment.


Now is the time to end poverty in our community, and we can achieve this lofty goal by working together.


The affects of poverty on a community include a continuous cycle where children:

  1. Are less likely to succeed in school
  2. More likely to have long-term health problems
  3. More likely to rear their own children in poverty versus higher-income peers
  4. Lead to behavioral and/or emotional problems such as antisocial behavior, depression, etc.


Wilkes Circles of Care™ is a combined effort between citizens of our community to serve Wilkes County.


This process involves citizens:

  1. Obtaining knowledge through workshops
  2. Using this knowledge to join a circle
  3. Making a commitment to ensure the circle succeeds and fellow community members get out of poverty